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Saturday, June 19, 2010

I'm A Little Behind!

Ok, so again, our blog would make us look like we are so boring. We are boring, but we do leave the house! Memorial day weekend we went to Canyon Lake, just about an hour north of SA with some friends and rented a boat. The kids were so excited and had alot of fun, what wasnt fun? The blistering sunburns we all came home with! FYI: spray sunblock doesnt work! I totally took my camera with me to capture the kids knee boarding, tubing and playing, BUT forgot to make sure my xd card was in it.
School ended June 4, Claire and Halle left June 5 for their dads in Denver. They will be home mid July.
June 9, Jack, Grace and I went to see Grandma in Florida. (more on that later!) We just got home last Wednesday, and have since been enjoying our newly opened neighborhood pool! Any of you that have been to our house have probably seen what was for over a year a really big hole dug in the ground at the front of our neighborhood. We kept saying, that will be our pool someday. . . and almost 2 years later its here! Yeah, there is a little sarcasm in that. Really, it takes 2 years to install a pool in an already dug hole?! But its done now and its really nice and we will surely get alot of use out of it this summer. Today our neighborhood even had a "Grand Opening" pool party and bbq, there was a bouncy house and snow cones and San Antonio's version of BBQ, Fajitas! So that catches us up to now. We dont have anything big on the schedule for awhile, so maybe i will keep up a bit better . . .

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