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Friday, October 29, 2010


Dan had to fill up his dream sheet for the Air Force this week. This time next year, we should be moving. . . or have already moved. So here is a heads up on what we put on there. Bear in mind that Dan doesnt have great choices, so we really had to research and pick through some real clunkers. (Death Valley, California, Fairbanks, Alaska, Fort Polk, Lousiana, just to name a few less than desirables!) Anywho, below is the list of places we included. Most are overseas, but that honestly is about half of the places we have to pick from. (Hawaii and Alaska are considered overseas) Having said that, we trust God will place us where He wants us and it will be a bigger blessing than we could have imagined. Right now its just a waiting a game and trying to be patient. Its incredibly hard knowing you should be moving in a year, but not know where. One thing is for sure, if the Air Force takes our wants into consideration, we wont be sweating through the holidays anymore!!!! WOO HOO! (Its literally been 90 degrees this week!)

Dream Sheet:

1. Fort Drum, NY closest to Watertown, NY, not far from Syracuse, also right off the Great Lakes

2. McChord AFB/Ft Lewis Tacoma, WA, just 45 min south of Seattle

3. Ft Knox, KY not overly excited about this, but it could be worse

4. Ft Stewart, GA DO NOT want to go here, its hot! all year! outside Savannah, GA about 40 min

5. Ft Carson, CO, Colorado Springs

6. Elmendorf AFB/Ft Richardson Anchorage, AK - we hear great things about this one, the other AK location is closer to the arctic circle than it is to civilization.

7. Baumholder, Germany- west of Frankfurt, close to French border.

8. Grafenwoar, Germany- eastern Germany, close to Nurnberg. the town it is attached to is Vilseck

9. Aviano AB, Italy- northeast of Venice.

10. Vicenza, Italy, just south of aviano, right outside Venice. I hear great things about this place, it is ranked #1 desired military post.

I think there might have been one or two more place in Germany Dan put down. (he has 7 or 8 to choose from just in Germany) We dont really know that we can go to Germany, they are still picky about whom they take as far as medical clearance. We'll see, but it is our number choice. I know all these sound far away, but most are once in a lifetime opportunities. We can do 4 years in Anchorage, upstate NY or cruising the canals in Venice. As I said, we (mostly ME) did lots of research on all our choices and scouted housing, schools, activities in the area, and churches. Who would have thought there are about 15 southern baptist english speaking churches in Germany??? I was just hoping for 1!

So save up those frequent flyer miles, and we'll let you know as soon as we know!

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